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3 min readJan 2, 2022


At some point in a content creator’s life, there comes a moment when they are out of new content ideas.

Content Ideas

Everyone faces this challenge, but if you pay attention and listen to your community or your audience, you will get tons of amazing content ideas.

Here are the top 10 ways you can find content ideas for social media platforms:-


If you’re looking for content ideas, Quora is a terrific place to start. Simply type in your question or main topic and see what comes up. You’ll get the solution or topic ideas for which people are looking for it. Create content based on that and share it or respond to their questions.


On social media sites, you’ll find niche-related communities. Look for your industry’s organization and see where individuals are forming communities. The greatest group to join is one where people are debating subjects in small groups; here is where you’ll receive your content ideas.

3. Social Media Story (Questions/Answers or Poll).

You might inquire as to what problem your followers are having so that you can both solve their problems and produce content around them. You can use Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to create stories and poll or question/answer your audience.

4. Social Media: Hashtags.

Using hashtags to see what other individuals in the same niche are up to. Hashtags will provide you with a plethora of content ideas. With hashtags, you can discover a plethora of new ideas that you might not have discovered otherwise.

5. Your Social Media post or Website comment section.

People frequently ask questions relating to the topic in the comment box after reading content on a website or social media platform. You can get additional article ideas from here.

You get to produce new stuff in order to answer their query!
Competitors website:

6. FAQ section.

Keep an eye on the FAQ area of your competitor’s website to see what questions people are asking and respond to them by creating content and sharing it on social media platforms or websites.

7. Pinterest.

It is a visual platform; simply search for your phrase or topic on Pinterest and you will be bombarded with suggestions.

8. Google-related searches.

Take a check at the bottom of your Google search page to see if there are any related searches for your terms. This reveals another keyword that people are looking for. Transform it into the content.

9. Content Topic Generator.

There is a lot of tools out there that can assist you to come up with ideas for subjects. You only need to enter keywords or industry terms to see the subjects.

Here are some ideas for content topics:-

- Hubspot’s topic generator for blogs. (Blog Ideas Generator)

- (Portent’s Content Idea Generator — Instant Blog Topic Inspiration) — Portent’s Content Idea Generator

10. Google alerts.

It assists you with themes that customers are interested in or where people are commenting more frequently about that term. Start alerts on Google by selecting a location.

New subjects will be sent to you through email as a result of this.

Good luck with your content creation!

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